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Discover unbeatable deals on perfume and cologne decants. We only decant brand new sealed bottles once interest is 100%! This way, we can assure that all decants meet the best quality standards our customers deserve!

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Dive into luxury scents risk-free! Sample our exquisite perfumes with a small-sized spray – the perfect way to experience the essence before committing to a full-sized bottle.

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What we offer

Proudly Canadian

Every step is done in-house, ensuring a seamless and quality-controlled process that speaks to our commitment to excellence. Your satisfaction is our in-house specialty

Quality Packaging

Compact Elegance, Unveiled: Unbox Luxury in Every Petite Package!


We exclusively decant from genuine and original bottles, ensuring that our fragrances are 100% authentic.

Served fresh

We exclusively decant from brand-new, sealed bottles, avoiding any use of old or previously opened ones. Our decanting process begins when interest reaches 100%

"Perfect for night outs.."

"A different scent for every occasion."

"Great for discovering new scents..."

"Found my fave scent!"

"Excellent quality."

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Find your signature scent now!

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